Frequently Asked Questions

It's a long story.

Who are you?
I am Neil.

Can you do some work for me?
Yes! Depending on your requirements, timescales and budgets of course I probably can.

Do you really not like eggs?
This is true, and has been the case since birth, milk too.

Can I contact you?
Sure, email

Can I send you a postcard?
I'd love you to, email me and I'll reply with my current postal address.

Yes, @perpetuant.

I don't understand how to work your website.
Ugh, this is one of those awful disclaimers saying the site is currently being refreshed, I hate those, but there we are, I am currently refreshing to standardise some things so if you click on the logo at the top there are a collection of images and videos. Any questions, please ask.

Do you have a Bernese Mountain dog?
Not yet. ☹